Acting Up at Southwark Playhouse

Kingdom follows the lives of Tom and Edward, one a street cleaner and the other the heir to a business empire. They look remarkably alike, fed up with their lives, they chose to play a prank and temporarily swap lives with amusing and life changing results. Escaping their own lives and stepping into someone else’s shoes allows the title characters, Tom and Edward, the chance to gain a new perspective on life.

Ultimately the experience helps them to develop and grow as more rounded people.  As a result they gain a greater insight, understanding and appreciation of their own, and each other’s lives.  The performance was followed by a discussion on “How drama supports wellbeing”, mirroring the story, a group member said “acting helps you, it takes you to a different world and you just forget about what’s going on….”

One of the aims of the group is to create performances that make the audience think and reflect on the impact of mental health challenges which performers are dealing with in their daily lives. This theme is reflected in Kingdom, allowing yourself to see and experience the world through someone else’s life. One of the group said “Whenever we do a play I always hope that the audience can take something away from it, and what I hope they took away this time is that they learnt to see things from someone else’s point of view and take that on-board.”

As part of the Acting Up group well-being has improved people’s confidence plus coping strategies to deal with life’s challenges. One of the group said “I have felt better inside and it’s not only on the inside but it’s helped me gain confidence dealing with situations on the outside. I would recommend that to anybody, its therapy.”

Acting Up is a drama group that supports adults with mental health challenges and learning disabilities. The group meets every Monday morning at Three Cs head office in Deptford to devise their own plays often based on themes of well-being. Acting Up is a collaboration between Three Cs and Blackfriars Settlement and funded by National Lottery Community Fund.

If you are interested in joining Acting Up then please contact:

Miren Cerezo
Three Cs Community Connector or call 020 8269 4340