Andrew has two hours support.
This is mostly about reading letters
and bills and being nudged about
appointments. He gives many
more hours back to other people
and to Three Cs.

“I am very
independent and
I contribute a lot
to other people”

“I love trips.
Out and Abouters
was my idea”

“I was invited to the
House of Lords with
Jo, our Top Boss”

“I have 5179
digital photos”

“I was the first Beneficiary Trustee and have been on the Board since 2011”

“I have a Board Talk session to help me understand what is written down. It helps me make decisions at Board meetings”

If you live on your own, with your family, a partner or someone who cares for you, you can buy support for living from the Community Support team at Three Cs. Call 020 8269 4340 for more.

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