Angus has great energy and volunteers at the local community centre.

“He is very active and, as well as Zumba, loves cycling in the park accompanied by a volunteer”

“Angus is very caring towards his housemates and takes responsibility for daily tasks around the house”

“He takes responsibility for watering the tomatoes in the shared garden”

“Angus is always out and about and loved being at the Albert Hall at Christmas”

“He has also been to see Motown at the Shaftesbury Theatre”

“Angus received an Independence and Community Award from Gary Bourlet, co-founder of LDE, at Celebrating Success 2018”

If you live on your own or share with others who are being supported to live independently, you can get support from our Supported Living team at Three Cs. Call 020 8269 4340 for more.

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