See My Ability

See My Ability is a campaign celebrating the abilities of disabled people. It aims to raise the positive profile and challenge stereotypes of people with learning disabilities, autism and mental health challenges.

Self-advocates at Three Cs have designed and are running their own local public awareness campaign #SeeMyAbility to change people’s minds about what is possible for people with learning disabilities, autism and mental health challenges to achieve.

Everything is possible! People with learning disabilities, autism and/or mental health challenges can live life to the full.

  • We can be independent and have a social life.
  • We can have relationships.
  • We can try new things and be adventurous.
  • We can contribute to our community through paid work and volunteering.

1. Challenge stereotypes through meaningful conversations about living life to the full as a person with disabilities.

2. Raise awareness of abilities, skills and talents of people with disabilities.

3. Meet new people to create new networks which may open up new opportunities such as volunteering, employment and or leisure activities.

4. Take these stories to social media to inspire others to encourage other people with disabilities to tell their stories.

Get involved!

Make a noise on Social Media and share your stories

We need your help and support to make this campaign a success!! If everyone does a small action…together we can make a BIG DIFFERENCE!

Raise awareness of the abilities, skills and talents of disabled people by sharing your stories on social media. Create a video, write a story, sing a song, make some art…however you chose to express it! Post your story on Facebook and Twitter – including the hashtag #SeeMyAbility – and we can share your stories to inspire and encourage others with disabilities to share theirs.


Patricia enjoying #afternoontea ☕🍰 and some shopping 🛍️ @Harrods #ordinarylife #learningdisabilities #autism #mentalhealth


Tony picked the last of the #flowers 🌹 from the #garden for his housemates to enjoy 😍 #greenfingers #ordinarylife #learningdisabilities #autism #mentalhealth


Everyone enjoyed volunteering at the Save Our Seas with Three Cs craft workshop at the Fun Palaces Festival, they even got to join in other community workshops, Judith draw some live art and wrote a poem! #learningdisabilities #autism #mentalhealth...


Christine had a great time creating artwork to add to the Save Our Seas with Three Cs community collage at the Fun Palaces Festival at the National Maritime Museum last month @RMGreenwich #learningdisabilities #autism #mentalhealth