Social Inclusion Task Force

The Social Inclusion Task Force is run by people Three Cs supports with support from the social inclusion team and volunteers. As well as learning about what is happening at Three Cs and in our local communities, the group plan events and activities, campaign to make positive changes, and speak out to have their voices heard.

They have been involved in a range of campaigns like Flush Mob for the Changing Places campaign, the march against Lewisham Hospital closure and the women’s march against Trump.. They have also run a range of change-making projects e.g. helped increase the number of people voting in local and general elections, highlighted and advised people what to do about hate crime.

The group has its own twitter account called @all4inclusion. They have set up a Task Force Action Group which meets weekly to turn feedback into action. One of the things the task force action group did was to write to Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer, to complain about the negative way he spoke about disabled people in employment. The group won an award for Speaking Out at Celebrating Success 2018 which was presented to them by Gary Bourlet, Co-founder of Learning Disability England.

The Task Force Action Group are running a pilot campaign called ‘See my ABILITY’ to raise the profile of people with learning disabilities, autism and/or mental health challenges as equal citizens focusing on their strengths and abiliites and not their disabilities. In order to promote positive stereotypes, the group decided that they wanted to tell the stories of their real life successes.

See my ABILITY Postcard Campaign

The See My ABILITY postcard campaign will interact directly with local communities by taking people’s individual success stories to the streets in the form of postcard-sized leaflets. The Task Force decided the wording on the back should read:
Anything is possible! People with learning disabilities, autism and/or mental health challenges can live life to the full.

• We can be independent and have a social life.
• We can have relationships.
• We can try new things and be adventurous
• We can contribute to our community through paid work and volunteering.