Jeev and the run up to Edinburgh

Jeev has been running for nine years and is pretty fit, having already run two half marathons However, he is no stranger to a bit of drama in training, including a pickup and drop off by police when stranded near the M4 and, more recently, first aid and a trip home in an ambulance. If those incidents taught Jeev great respect for emergency services, three minor injuries in the run up to his first full marathon have taught Jeev to pace his progress, the enforced rests allowing him to bounce back with better form and speed. He now observes “It is not that I run to relax better but that I relax to run better”. Keeping the mind chatter at bay has also really helped Jeev run faster and easier.

When asked what will be the first thing he does on finishing the 26.2 mile course Jeev said “The first thing is to mentally thank life, friends, Three Cs. That drives this run Jo”. Along with the pints, Jeev also plans a self-massage of leg muscles with foam roller. He will need this to gear up to a week-long visit of Edinburgh and surrounds with family planned after the run – time to take in the famous icons and sights which, hopefully, will have flown by during the UK’s second largest marathon.

On behalf of Three Cs, Jo wishes Jeev good luck and no more brushes with emergency services in the run up to the Edinburgh marathon. If you would like to sponsor Jeev, go to Jeev’s Justgiving page Jeev at Three Cs.