Love your vote!

By Anna Snowling on 24 March 2018

It is the eve of General Election 2017. I have no idea who the next government will be. What I do know is that the futures of adults and children with learning disabilities and/or autism, and anyone with a mental health problem, hang in the balance.

Platitudes from any direction on health could not be more unwelcome.  More resources are necessary, but not sufficient. A new government needs to restore its levers of power and accountability – smashed by Lansley – for delivering health and health equality across the UK, to all its citizens. Until that happens, funding for expensive crisis and acute admissions will continue to be lucrative for institutions and private professionals and, thence, preferred over funding for prevention and supported self-help. We will continue to commission sticking plasters at a local level for what is a whole system equivalent of organ failure. And – the efforts of brilliant NHS and social care staff, loved ones, and advocates notwithstanding – people with learning disabilities, autism, and mental health challenges will continue to be locked up, segregated, chemically coshed or die unnecessarily. For all our sakes, love your vote!