Looking after your mental health and well-being is much less daunting when you are well connected

We have teamed up with Blackfriars Settlement and former mental health service users to co-produce a programme of activities and opportunities which will support people to stay well and by staying well connected and using and developing their skills in valued roles. Our new Community Connector will help people find and stay connected with a range of creative, leisure, learning and social activities which provide opportunities for building relationships and giving and getting support from friends, old and new. They will also support people to take early action on physical and mental health issues and refer them to the right place for dealing with underlying problems.

Excitingly, everything we do under the Well Connected programme will be user-led or co-produced. That means that over the next three years, there will be masses of opportunity for people to contribute their time and skills in paid and unpaid roles, as well as to learn through volunteering.